Evergreen Nephrology celebrates 1 year anniversary and appointment of new board member

Nashville, TN., — August 25, 2022 — Evergreen Nephrology is proud to celebrate its one-year anniversary and the appointment of the newest board member, Charlie Choi, effective September 1, 2022. Evergreen Nephrology partners with nephrologists in local markets to transform kidney care, and Evergreen believes that nephrologists are best positioned to lead this charge.

“I have found fulfillment throughout my healthcare career by focusing on people and purpose– helping people thrive and serving a higher purpose together in community. My favorite way to do both has been through value-based care, which I have seen work best when patient-centered and physician-led. I believe Evergreen Nephrology is doing exactly that in its approach to value-based kidney care, and I am excited to join your community and mission,”

Charlie Choi, Evergreen Nephrology Board Member.

“On behalf of myself, and all the members of the Evergreen Nephrology Board of Directors, we are thrilled that Charlie has accepted our offer to join the Board. His unique set of skills and range of experiences make him the perfect addition to our team. Charlie has years of experience in both the value-based and kidney care spaces. His work at Axia Women’s Health will allow him to understand the challenges Evergreen will face as a health care startup and help us to find workable solutions to further our mission and change lives. We are confident that Charlie’s input as a Board member will help propel Evergreen to the top,”

Jeff Glaze, MD, Board Member at Evergreen Nephrology and President of the Evergreen Physicians Leadership Council.

Mr. Choi joins Executive Chairman Adam Boehler and current board members: Arjun Aggarwal, Jeff Glaze, MD, Matt Kim, Annie Lamont, and Abe Sutton. Evergreen Nephrology’s board oversees corporate activities, assesses performance of management, and contributes to development of corporate strategy.

“Evergreen is transforming kidney care. The first year has been an amazing experience for us supporting our nephrology colleagues to deliver outstanding kidney care to people living with kidney disease who are often times vulnerable and in need an extra level of support,” says Stanley Crittenden, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Evergreen Nephrology. “Our patients couldn’t be happier, our partners couldn’t be happier, I couldn’t be happier.”

Evergreen Nephrology and its nephrologist partners believe that the status quo is unacceptable and are committed to providing best in class care for people suffering from kidney disease. This includes delaying disease progression, shifting kidney care to the home, and getting patients needed organ transplants. Evergreen partners with nephrologists to provide them resources to invest in an expanded care model, the financial backing needed to take total cost of care risk, and a technology platform built for a value-based environment. About Evergreen Nephrology

Evergreen Nephrology was built with the mission to empower nephrologists to redefine the standard of care. By empowering nephrologists, providing financial backing, best-in-class clinical resources, and analytical insights and tools, Evergreen strives to slow disease progression, improve clinical outcomes, and increase quality of life for people living with CKD and ESKD.

Learn more at www.evergreennephrology.com

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