Healthcare Team

Meet your healthcare team

As part of our program, our patients have access to a team of professionals who work closely with your kidney doctor to help meet your health care needs. This team may include:

  • Your kidney doctor (nephrologist)
  • Advanced practice provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant)
  • Social worker
  • Nurse
  • Dietitian
  • Pharmacist

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Everything we do is designed for you

Your care plan is just for you. At the beginning of our partnership with every new patient, we work together to create a personalized care plan. We take your total well-being into account – including mental and emotional health – to help you achieve your personal heath care goals.

How it works:

  • Once you’re aligned with our program, you’re automatically enrolled

  • The services we provide are optional – you can still see any doctor covered under your Medicare plan

  • If you do choose to work with us, you may still be responsible for certain cost-sharing amounts, like copays, when you receive health care services

  • Your premiums remain the same

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Your Voice Matters

Our program is built to keep you at the center of your care.

Hearing from you directly is important – so we’ve designed a Patient Family Advisory Committee to get your feedback.

The Patient Family Advisory Committee is made up of a small group of individuals who participate in two (2) meetings with us over the course of a year. Everyone is eligible to participate in this program.

Interested in joining the Patient Family Advisory Committee? Let us know!

Email us at:

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