Nephrologist-Led Kidney Care

Evergreen Nephrology works with nephrologists to transform kidney care. Our nephrologist-led model aims to slow disease progression, improve clinical outcomes, and increase quality of life for people living with CKD and ESKD.

“Evergreen has the expertise and resources to help us continue our transition from episodic, fee-for-service care, to a system that prioritizes better patient outcomes and health. We feel that this system of care will greatly benefit our patients and local healthcare partners.”

– Britt Newsome, MD, MPH, MSPH
CMO, Colorado Kidney Care
Patient-Centered Care Team

The nephrologist-led interdisciplinary team (IDT) provides whole-patient care with unparalleled engagement and support for patients.

“Partnering with Evergreen means our patients will receive comprehensive care that helps them live better and fuller lives.”

– Paul Turer, MD
President & CEO, Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates

The Evergreen Physicians Leadership Council (EPLC) is a nephrology-led advisory body that provides guidance and recommendations on clinical, professional, operational, financial, and organizational matters in collaboration with the Evergreen Nephrology executive leadership team.

“One of the things that elevates Evergreen Nephrology, is the concept of putting nephrologists at the center of the mission to transform kidney care. The EPLC was created with this very purpose in mind. Serving as the President of the EPLC has offered me wonderful opportunities to work closely with other physician leaders from elite nephrology practices across the country.

Along with the Evergreen Leadership Team, the EPLC committees are making critical decisions which will lead to success for our patients, our practices, and the Evergreen mission. This work is important, but the relationships are invaluable; and through this community we encourage and inspire one another as we work toward a unified purpose.”

– Jeff Glaze, MD
Nephrology PC
Evergreen Nephrology - Partnerships Image

“The partnership with Evergreen has brought a new, palpable excitement for me. I feel energized in taking care of patients with the goal to transform kidney care. The Evergreen team is invested in bringing value to our patients with meaningful impact. They are already breaking barriers in such a short time. It is an exciting time to be a nephrologist and more importantly, I am thrilled for our patients!”

– Amar Patel, MD
Balboa Nephrology

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